Guarding Your Pet’s Health

At Plantation Park Animal Hospital, we understand that vaccinations play a crucial role in safeguarding your pet’s health. The vaccine journey begins during the early stages of your pet’s life and continues into adulthood. We recognize that you may have questions and concerns, and our experienced veterinarians are here to provide the answers you need about pet vaccinations in Clayton.

Vaccinations are an integral part of your pet’s health because they offer the vital protection needed to prevent serious illnesses and maintain their overall well-being.

Why are vaccines important?

Preventing Preventable Diseases

Vaccines are designed to shield your pet from common yet preventable diseases. By administering vaccines, we help your pet build immunity against these diseases, reducing the risk of infection and the associated suffering.

Public Health

Some diseases, such as rabies, are not only dangerous for your pet but can also pose a significant risk to humans. Vaccinating your pet against these diseases not only safeguards their health but also contributes to public safety.

Lifelong Health

The early stages of your pet’s life are crucial for establishing a foundation of good health. By adhering to a vaccination schedule, you set your pet on a path to lifelong health, allowing them to enjoy a long, active, and fulfilling life.

Customized Protection

Our veterinarians assess your pet’s unique needs, lifestyle, and risk factors to create a customized vaccination plan. This ensures that your pet receives the right vaccines at the right time, maximizing their protection.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your pet is vaccinated provides peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy your time together without constant worry about potential health threats.

cat after pet vaccinations in Clayton, NC

Which vaccines does my pet need?

For our feline friends, core vaccines include immunization against feline distemper, herpes, calicivirus, and rabies, with the series starting as early as 6 to 8 weeks.

For dogs, core vaccines include protection against parvovirus, distemper, canine hepatitis, and rabies, with the series starting at 6 to 8 weeks.

What about Indoor vs. Outdoor Pets?

Even if your pet primarily stays indoors, certain viruses pose a risk, making vaccination crucial. For example, rabies is often deadly, which is why vaccinating your dog or cat against it is a must. While indoor pets have reduced exposure to some diseases, outdoor pets are more likely to encounter certain viruses.

Our veterinarians can help determine the right vaccination plan tailored to your pet’s unique lifestyle and needs. Call to schedule pet vaccinations in Clayton today!

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