Collection and Shipment of Fresh Semen

Supporting Canine Reproduction

At Plantation Park Animal Hospital, we offer a comprehensive service for the collection and overnight shipping of fresh, chilled semen, supporting successful canine reproduction. We understand the nuances involved in this process and work diligently to provide the best possible care for your breeding program.

The Ideal Scenario

For the best results, we prefer having an in-heat female dog available as a “teaser.” This method often helps stimulate the male for successful collection. However, we acknowledge that it’s not always feasible to have a female in heat on hand. In such cases, we can use a female not in heat and apply estrus scent to her to encourage the male.

Collection and Evaluation

Careful Collection: During collection, our skilled team separates the prostatic fluid from the sperm-rich fraction. This careful separation ensures the quality of the sample.

Sample Evaluation: Once the sample is collected, we meticulously assess it to determine its suitability for shipment. If the sample does not meet the necessary criteria, we will discuss alternative options with you. If the sample is deemed acceptable for shipment, we add semen extender using Zoetis products. This extends the sample’s viability until insemination, preferably on the following day.

Shipping Procedure

Overnight Shipping: We prioritize the prompt and secure delivery of the semen. To achieve this, we ship all samples overnight via FedEx. It is crucial that the owner provides accurate shipping information, including a recipient phone number and email. All service fees must be paid before the sample is shipped.

Optimal Usage: We strongly recommend using the entire sample that is shipped, as separating it for two different-day inseminations is discouraged. Fresh chilled semen is specifically designed to maintain its integrity in the female’s body for 3-5 days, making timely insemination crucial. We aim for the sample to be at body temperature rather than chilled when inseminated.

Operational Schedule

Collection Days: Our collection services are available Monday through Friday. Please note that our hospital is closed on weekends, and we do not receive shipments on Saturdays.

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