Artificial Insemination using Frozen Semen

Advanced Semen Services

At Plantation Park Animal Hospital, we offer the advanced service of artificial insemination using frozen semen, contributing to successful canine reproduction. This technique requires meticulous attention to detail and the highest standards of care to ensure the best possible results for your breeding program.

frozen semen

We do offer artificial insemination using frozen semen. Frozen semen does not last long once it is thawed. We surgically implant thawed semen into the uterus via catheter. The female must be anesthetized for this procedure. It does require a small abdominal incision so the uterus can be visualized. The semen is then thawed, evaluated, and injected into the uterus. Most patients can go home the same day. We do not offer TCI. (trans-cervical insemination).

We do have to monitor the female’s progesterone levels closely. We typically like to see the in-heat female around Day 5 of her cycle. We are watching for her initial rise in the progesterone. Progesterone levels are what determine when to proceed with the surgical artificial insemination. This part of the timing is very important. If you need more information on costs, please call our hospital.

Semen Storage

We do have the capability of storing semen. If you are preparing for a frozen surgical breeding, go ahead and plan accordingly to have your sample shipped to us. It is your responsibility to contact the stud owner and have the semen shipped to our hospital. We can receive shipments M-F. We are closed on the weekends.

Please include this email on the tracking information:

Please have the shipping dewar shipped to:

Plantation Animal Hospital

18 Plantation Drive

Clayton, NC 27527

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