Collect and Shipment of Fresh Semen

Our hospital does offer collection of the stud and overnight shipping of fresh chilled semen. We prefer that you have an in heat female to use as a "teaser." We understand that it is not always possible to have one available. Some times we use a female that is not in heat, and we can swab an estrus scent on her. 
We like to collect the male by separating the prostatic fluid from the sperm rich fraction. This is done carefully during collection.  Once the sample is collected, we evaluate the sample and determine if the sample is okay for shipment. If not, we will discuss other options. If the sample looks okay to ship, then we add semen extender to our sample. We use Zoetis products. This extends the sample until insemination preferable the next day.  Ideally, you want to get the sample in the female ASAP, because to would rather be at body temperature, not chilled. 

We ship all of our samples overnight via Fed Ex. The owner is to provide the shipping information including a phone number and an email to the recipient of the sample. All services are paid for prior to the sample being shipped. We do provide a semen evaluation form for the recipient of the semen. We recommend that you use all the sample that is shipped. We discourage separating the sample for 2 different day inseminations.  Fresh chilled semen is designed to last in the body for 3-5 days. It would rather be at body temperature. We are able to collect dogs M-F. We are closed on the weekends. We do not receive Saturday shipments at our hospital.